Message from the Editors

This is Fusion: Ignition. This is a magazine about speculative fiction and the culture that surrounds it.

We publish Fusion because there’s so much awesome speculative fiction happening at Harvard. We want to give Harvardians a chance to share, and give everyone a chance to enjoy.

Fusion is published by the Harvard-Radcliffe Science Fiction Association (HRSFA). HRSFA published a literary magazine called Fusion starting in 1988. About ten years ago, that magazine stopped publishing. Fusion: Ignition is a demo issue, the start of our attempt to reignite Fusion.

If you’re Harvard affiliated and you’d like to contribute to future issues, please join the HRSFA mailing lists to keep up to date or email submissions to

We hope you enjoy.


Fusion Editors-In-Chief
Hannah Feldman, Davis Lazowski and Dexter Summers